Saturday, June 25, 2011

just an old school slacker

at just the time my body breaks, my time runs out. there is no was i will make the deadline. plus add into it the fact that i was shorted 5 days because of the holiday, i'm saying eff it. i can't do it. i did a big portion and i think by tomorrow, i will have the first set due- 5 sets! and then i have to do 3 more. the total together should net me about $5K. i think as long as i show i am making an effort, i'll be okay. we are talking a few days here. i don't owe it, so what's the deal?

i'm just sick of looking at it, so tonight i am slacking. tomorrow i will get up and go buy a beef roast and cook it until it's falling apart. i can make rice and vegetables too. tomorrow while i complete my mid-point of this huge task, dinner will be cooking itself! woo hoo!

i'll be around later, when i get my mess finished.


  1. Oh wow....I would totally be sick and tired of all of that paperwork!

    The roast, however, sounds amazingly wonderful. In fact, now I am thinking I am going to go in my freezer and see if I have any more roasts in there!! YUMMY!

  2. i'm getting closer to the finished product! i had to get an extension from them- yeah, another 30 days to complete it!

    the roast was so delicious. and it cooked itself! YEAH! i also threw a box of frozen veggies in butter sauce into the rice and it turned out perfect!


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