Thursday, January 28, 2010

truth or dare thursday

today i found a really nice purse in the basket of the cart i was going to use. the gentleman seated near the carts was staring at it. he said he didn't know whose it was, so i turned it into customer service without even looking inside it.

have you ever been tempted to keep something you found, knowing it didn't belong to you?

leave your answer in the comments


i dare you to eat a boiled egg, while wearing only your underwear. at the kitchen table.

let me know who you did!

yes, even as broke as i am, i was not even tempted to see if there was any money in the ourse.

karma, if you can hear me, please take note.

send me a smartcar! or two! or just a lottery jackpot if a smartcar is too much trouble.


  1. I would have done just what you did..I would have returned the purse.

    I firmly believe that good things come to those who do good things. That's just my belief, but it has never proven me wrong yet!

    Just wait...something positive will happen!! :)

  2. I once found a purse in the mall parking lot on the ground. I opened it and checked the wallet for identification, then I brought it to the nearest police station. The desk officer asked if it had id, I pulled it out and slid it in the slot (they had bullet proof glass and a little slot in the glass like at the currency exchange) and the officer entered the information on their computer, called information to get a phone number, the number was unlisted, so the officer called the owner's home city police station who provided them with a phone number. The officer then called and left a message on the woman's answering machine.

    I felt really good about making an effort to reunite this woman with her purse and it taught my kids, who were with me, an excellent lesson. I could have returned the purse to mall security, but who knows if they would have handled it honestly?

  3. a. marie- i hope so! i know i would be upset if i lost my purse. i hope i was the first one to find it and she gets all her stuff back. i am always finding things and turning them in where ever i have found them or getting in touch with the owner on my own if if the situation warranted. i think i will post about these experiences, because sometimes they are very strange. i think found friday has been born!

  4. lola- i am worried now that someone unscrupulous has taken her purse. i hope she gets all her stuff back.

    i am going to post a story next friday about a cellphone adventure that is on-going. i have a lot of "found" stories and i am going to post one every "found friday".


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