Sunday, January 24, 2010

glamming it up

i found a set of barbie shoes on ebay- well, fashion dolls shoes. kind of like knock-off jimmy choos that are an inch long. i got a set of a dozen shoes, a wedding dress (every barbie should have a wedding dress!) and 8 regular doll clothes- no choice. but i only paid $11 for all of it. it's new, probably made by 3rd graders.

my plan is to glam it up with beads and gold sequins and crap like that. by the time i trim those little suits out, her dolls wil be trendsetters.

she's only 6. i am going to her school for grandparent's day. yes, i am considered a grandmother. she recently enrolled at a new private school. i can't wait to see her cute uniforms.

when i was in 10th grade, my best friend transferred toa catholic school. she was looking forward to the uniform. i guess that would have been a good thing for me, given that in 5th grade, someone gave  my mom a box of 10 identical t-shirts. my mom decided it would be a good idea for me to wear them instead of buying me school clothes. i ended up getting the teacher writing on the t-shirt, to number them from 1-10. the kids in my class had been teasing me. i went to a very poor school, seriously in the ghetto. those ghetto kids felt superior to me because they had more than 1 shirt to wear..if that's what it took for them to feel better about their situation, then by god, let me be the one to help them.

i think my mom making me wear the same shirts every day killed any fashion sense i might have possibly developed. when i shop now, i tend to buy multiples of the same things, but in different colors or patterns. i'd rather shop on-line because it's so much easier. i try to always get promo codes and discounts from the internet before i buy anything. getting free shipping can be a big deal.

i found someone's cellphone monday. she called it and i told her i would send it to her. so i packed it up for the mail. i just looked over at the bookcase and i see that i never put it in the mailbox for pick up. the postal service would work for me if i let them, you know, actually put things in the mailbox and stick up the flag.

i hope karma doesn't kick me in the ass for that. i really had good intentions. as soon as i finish here, i will walk down the hill to get the mail.

i am trying to come up with something fun for my blog.if i could get a few more readers. i am thinking of having certain subjects i write about each day:
  • mellow monday- SERENITY NOW! 'nuff said
  • tv tuesday- where i bemoan the lack of "j&k+8" on a weekly basis.
  • way back wednesday- tales of jordache, jontue and painful heartbreak in the disco era
  • truth-or-dare thursday- spill your guts or do my bidding
  • foodie friday- ummmm, recipes
  • something something saturday- just something extra
  • funday sunday- i will start doing something fun every sunday
or i may have a giveaway. i have a garage full of THINGS! back from the old days. things i have moved twice in 1-year and never unpacked. if i haven't used it in 2 years, i evidently don't need it.

actually, this entire thing is not to get a lot of readers, but to keep me from thinking about the money situation. the numbers are still running through my head. i have a reproduction chroome dinette set i am going to pull out and try to sell on craigslist. that would probably pay a car note.i really only have 2 weeks until my finances are looking better, whther my husband works full-time or not. he's supposed to be back at full hours in a month, but dang, these two weeks are killing me!

last night for dinner, i cranked up the oven and threw the contents of all those tiny bags in the freezer on a baking tray. we had tater tots, chicken strips and fish sticks. i also grilled 2 chicken breasts and made some bacon. i ended up with a chicken, bacon and honey mustard panini, and a bit of tots. i got some ribs out to make later this week and i have ground beef for dinner. i have freezer space! i think tomorrow i am going to a different store than i normaly would shop. i have heard they have a lot of cheap meat and i can get my coupons doubled.

not to be cliche, but i miss living near a taco bell. i have to drive either 13 or 15 miles to get to a taco bell. so i make a lot of taco meat at home. i have also learned to make burger sliders- the nearest krystal is 22 miles away. you get a dozen for about $5 doing it my way. that was what i made for my sister and her fmaily for our annual christmas dinner. oh, and we had cheesy tots!

of course, if i had a smartcar, i would drive there. hey smartcar people, if you are reading, give me a car! i promise to tell everybody how cool it is!

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  1. Hi there! Your post is soooo funny...I had to laugh about how wearing the same shirt everyday killed your fashion sense! LOL

    I'm rooting for you on the Smart Car...come on, SC people...hear her plea!! :)

    Your dinner sounds yummy; I love tator tots, fish sticks, and chicken strips. YUMMY!!

    We don't have a taco bell here in small town; there is one in Small Town (about 20 minutes away). I am craving a taco!! HA!

    You'll get more readers...keep blogging and they will come. Want to do a guest post on my blog? I don't have a huge blog, but I do have 72 followers and all of us like meeting new people. Think about could just blog about anything you want!! :)

    Leave me a comment or shoot me an email though my profile page!!



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