Monday, January 4, 2010

living the glamorous life

i spent the day with a friend of mine who is a horse broker. she matches people with the appropriate horse for their needs. she was delivering a horse today ad i went along for the ride. she tends to multi-task while she's driving, so i act as an extra set of hands for her: i takes notes while she drives, i jot down directions she calls out as she talks on her cell phone and i put peanut butter  on rice cakes. in echange for my priceless services, she buys me breakfast, lunch and snacks (usually sonic happy hour 1/2 price drinks! YUM!) and i get to go to a new and glamorous city.

next week we are returning to the amish settlement to get her donkey shod. we will get there early and drop the donkey off. then we are free to gallavant across the area and go to amish houses that have things for sale. last time was the end of harvest and mostly i saw a lot of pumpkins and yellow/orange mums. i hope to score some nice cheese and canned pickled delights.

i consider this to be a frugal thing to do because you not only get to experience new places and things, but you get free food to boot! i mean, if i pay for museum admission, they aren't going to give me a pound of honey nut goat cheese and a jar of pickles! and i get to see real live amish people!

tomorrow i am working on her computer for her. it will be simple. she's NEVER emptied her cache or deleted any cookies off her computer since she bought it in 2000! get rid of that crap and she should go along like nobody's business.

for a surprise, i am setting up a gmail account and blog for her! i have to find a template.

will i be getting a horse? i don't know. it costs $30 a month to feed them. i would need a fence and a lean-to built for a stall. maybe when it gets warmer. but i am not much of a horse person. i would just pet it a lot.

maybe i could teach my dog to ride the pony. then maybe i can sell enough admission tickets to buy that smartcar!


  1. Yay for getting a followers gadget!! And, I get the honor of being your FIRST FOLLOWER!! WHOOT-WHOOT! :)

    How awesome....I am following you and you are following me....Now we can be Bloggy Pals for sure!!!

    Ummmm....a person is supposed to empty their cache, on the computer, AND get rid of cookies?? Errrr..Oops...I haven't done that yet. I need to get that done. Maybe THAT is what is wrong with my computer! HA!

    I love all things Amish. Honey nut goat cheese sounds heavenly!

  2. Lee; I just re-read your comment and that is so have Crohn's Disease also? When were you diagnosed?


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