Thursday, January 7, 2010

hot legs and cold weather

we were supposed to get a lot of snow.

we got a dusting.

i am so immature that i still get excited when it snows, because school is out.

one of my favorite "snow day" activites was making something sweet after lunch. my dear old grandmother, who was 70 years older than me, managed to always allow us to help her cook.  she had the patience of a saint. we usually made fudge or cookies.

my grandmother's fudge was phenomenal! the recipe came out of the bh&g big red plaid cookbook. the recipe she used is no longer published in their cookbook and i have had no luck in finding a copy of it. i probably don't need to make an effort to find it. what an evil thing it would be if i could make fudge on demand.

i stayed home today and didn't go anywhere. i am cooking dinner now because i am bored. i cooked dinner yesterday too. it is so much better to make a real meal rather than try to find bits and bobs to eat.

tonight's dinner is hot legs. hot legs are chicken legs made  like hot wings. it's cheaper and you get a lot more meat.

i fried the chicken with only a dusting of seasoned flour. this partially cooks the chicken and gives the sauce a crust to hold onto. once the chicken has a nice crust, remove it from the oil and put it in a baking dish. don't worry if the chicken isn't done all the way through, we will be baking. make a sauce of 1/2 honey mustard and 1/2 hot sauce. i added some garlic too. pour the sauce over the chicken and bake it on 400 for 45 minutes. be sure to baste it occasionally. when it's done, i put the hot legs on a platter and put the sauce over it.

i am making mashed potatoes and green beans to go with it.

for the rest of the week, i have the following meals to make:
chicken and dressing

we also have sandwich stuff, eggs and cereal/milk to fix.

i have in the refrigerator to serve later:
deer chili

i may not make it out on my date this friday, but at least i won't go hungry!

if you don't have to go out, DON'T!

if you have to go out,  be sure you have a good battery and at least a half tank of gas. be sure to pack blankets, water, snacks and something to occupy your time, in case you get stuck. my husband has a lunch box full of beef jerky packs, a bag of pretzels, 2 big bottles of water, a couple of juice boxes, and a rubik's cube. he also has a sleeping bag jammed under the seat.

if he ever gets stuck in the smartcar i want, it might look like this:

stay warm!

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  1. I remember that cookbook! My Mom had an old one that she used to look through. I wonder where it went....If I find it, I'll look for that fudge recipe and send it to you!

    Love the hot legs hubby and teen son love hot wings, absolutely LOVE THEM!

    Great tips on what to pack in case a person gets stuck. :)


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