Friday, January 29, 2010

found it friday- the cellphone AKA going postal

every friday, i will treat you to a story about finding something and what i did with it.

up this week, i found a cellphone at target in the bathroom on that big old tissue dispenser. beforei could turn it in, i got a call on on it. i explained that i had found it and was turning it in.

1 live 15.6 miles from target ( clocked it the other day), door-to-hanicap-parking-space. yeah, i get to park up front- i guess having severe arthritis does have it's own weird little advantages.

the friend of the owner of the phone asked me not to turn it in, because her friend would have to drive through my town to get to target and it would save her 20 miles to go to my house instead of all the way back to target. i spoke with the owner of the phone and got her address. she said she would send ma a few bucks for postage.

i forgot to mail it. it was sent very late. but i sent it.

Last night i was getting ready to go eat with a friend. some pld hillbilly man came to the door. they had called him about the cellphone because he had the same last name as me and um, i guess they googled him somehow.

he was really hilarious. he was suspicious because it involved cell phones. i guess that one episode of miami vice he was watched back in 1985 convinced him that only drug dealers have cell phones.

"Naw, now look her. i don't wanna get mixed up in no mess about a CELL PHONE. they just called me and i don't want NO trouble, naw, no trouble, not because of no CELL PHONE!"

i got the feeling he was afraid a gang of thugs would show up and beat him about the head and face. i had to assure him he was in trouble and the CELL PHONE was on it's way to the proper owner.

then he gave me this look, like he had hoped i would give him some kind of monetary tip for coming to my house. i just said "BYE!" and closed the door.


so today, i check my mailbox and there is no mail.

but the cell phone i mailed out it there, without an envelope or any covring. my guess is that some gang of roving rural thugs stole it from the mailbox and realized it wasn't an iphone. then they brought it back to screw with my brain.

i found a padded envelope, some packing tape, a stack of napkins to protect the screen.  tomorrow it will be mailed with insurance and delivery confirmation.

let's hope it makes it there.

if i had a smartcar, i could have just driven it to her that day!

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