Friday, January 1, 2010

happy new year's!

i have a new home to start out the new year.

if you know me, you know i drift around. i plan on staying here for a while.

stop back by, i will be up to my usual passive-agressive subversiveness.

you may see a lot of ads here. the reason: i need lots of money! but if they get unbearable, let m eknow and i'll tune them down.

i need to get rid of the hang-over looming like a dark cloud over my head. anybody up for a run to ihop for pancakes and bacon?

just kidding, no drinking for me tonight! i baked chocolate brownies, ate 2 and slept from 7-11 pm. what an exciting life i lead!

plus i am tryng to be more frugal this year- and alcohol is expensive! also, any ihop runs are out. where i live, a ride to anywhere is a gallon of gas, so i am trying to eat at home and save more money this year. i have a goal in mind: i would like to buy a smartcar (or something small and very economical) at the end of the year. if i can get stable transportation in place, i can rejoin the ymca. so i need like $15K to buy a car. my honda (named tinkerbell) has 160,000 miles on may live another year, but i think tinkerbell's prime is past.

so if you see anything in the ads that legitimately intrigues you, please feel free to click. if it's not something that floats your boat, please don't click! i don't wan't them to cut me off.

i have always been very frugal but now i am tightening my belt a bit more. i plan on documenting my progress toward $15K for a new car. my first report:

previous adsense earnings:     $1.32
current amount to goal: $14,998.64


i will post this the first of every month. i may even put up a donate butto, haha! because you beautiful people don't have anything better to spend your money on, right? yeah, let's buy me a new car!

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