Saturday, January 16, 2010

putting on my steppin' out shoes

my granddaughter's birthday is in february, but i have been shopping for it since the after-christmas sales. i have managed to score her a "christmas carol" barbie named eden starling, and a set of "high school musical" dolls. they are all barbie size and barbie quality- look for the Mattel logo!

a long time ago, i gave my niece, and a couple of her friends these packs of 12 pairs of barbie shoes that i got at toys'r'us for only $3.99- a barbie can never have too many shoes! they loved it then, so i thought i would buy one for my granddaughter. she's the same age now they were then.

little did i know, they were only produced by mattel for 1 year- 1998- and are therefore collectible. i found this little pack of shoes on ebay for $40!

i don't pay $40 for MY big old shoes!

i should have bought about a million packs of barbie shoes back in 1998. i'd be rich now!

i wonder what items for sale now are going to skyrocket in 10 years?

just think, if the government had spent the same amount on barbie shoes that they did on space exploration or the war on drugs, we wouldn't need any bail-out programs!

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