Thursday, January 14, 2010

make more out of less

my husband's hours got cut at work. he is concerned that he will be laid off or let go.

i'm trying not to worry.

we spent a year without him working. in fact, he has only been working since july, so it's not like we've been living in the lap of luxury. we will just go back to doing things the way we did before july:
  • cutting back on the cable tv options- but not until big love is over for the season
  • selling off unneeded possesions on ebay (we have a garage full of junk we have moved twice- long story! i will look for a post i wrote on another blog and post it here by way of explanation)
  • i have started entering a lot of giveaways- what i win can be sold or given as gifts ( i am usually a very lucky person)
my car will be paid off in april. the smartcar will have to wait. we do have a second car (which has high miles but gets great mileage- everyone knows you can run a honda into the ground) which needs work and is currently not running. we haven't had it fixed because we don't need a second car at the moment. i can get it fixed and pretend it is a smartcar.

i will think of more ways to economize.

after all, there is always the lottery!


  1. Don't do ebay. They charge fees. Try or see if there is a in your area. Bookoo is like an online garage sale. They also allow you to post your actual garage sales. I've sold several items through my local Bookoo. There are no fees. I highly recommend it.

    If you're going to choose either, remember safety. Always have someone with you when you arrange a pick-up, or arrange a pick-up and exchange of cash in a public place. I once met a buyer at a busy gas station parking lot. Safety first.

  2. Hi there! I have sold on ebay before, but like Lola said, they do charge fees. And, if you accept PayPal as a form of payment, there is also a fee there.

    But, on the positive side of ebay, you do get an audience of literally tons of people, and if you start selling frequently, you'll build up a loyal client base.

    I have never heard of Bookoo, but I am going to research it today. That sounds awesome! :)


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