Sunday, January 3, 2010

eating in

lots of other bloggers are doing the "eat from your pantry challenge" for january.

being cutting edge, i have to admit i did this for the time from the day after thanksgiving until january 2. i only spent $55 on groceries during this time, buying such "replacables" as milk, eggs, butter, eggs, bread and fresh produce. woohoo!

before thanksgiving, i ransacked the cabinets and gave the food bank anything i knew we wouldn't use. then i pulled all the thanksgiving stuff together in one cabinet. we ate out of the rest of the cabinets.

as we ate the food, we would move the remaining cans together. the pantry looked emptier and emptier. we got a bit creative toward the end, but it worked.

we were stopping it at new year's eve, but squeezed 2 extra days out of it!

this is a great way to clean out the cabinets and be frugal. we used our grocery money to buy christmas gifts instead of food. this year, i am putting a $20 bill in a bank every friday, to be used to buy gifts at holiday time.

i read about the challenge here:

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