Friday, January 1, 2010

just say the buffet!

i stayed home today. i was planning to eat chinese but instead i made a plate of sausage and scrambled eggs mixed together, with cheese toast. tasty, tasty, tasty!

i have been trying to avoid the dreaded "W" store. i don't even want to write it out. i have been shopping at  a local meat market and trying some of the things they have there.

the sausage was very good and didn't have a lot of fat. in fact, i had to add a bit of oil to cook the eggs. i used a non-stick pan, but added the oil because i wanted a meal, not a mess!

they have really good ground beef that has caused me to swear off the "W" chub of gristle forever. again, not a lot of fat, just a lot of meat! we had chili tuesday and we may have it again this week-end. there is something so comforting about a bowl of good chili with a piece of cheese toast.

the prices at the meat market are a bit higher, but since it doesn't all cook away to grease, i think it is a better value.

i do buy a lot of vegetables and fruits at the "W" but when the temperatures are warmer, i always patronize the old men who park their trucks on the side of the road and sell homegrown fruits and veggies. you have to watch out, sometimes they will try to pass off "W" produce as home grown.

suddenly i have a craving for watermelon!

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