Tuesday, January 26, 2010

show me that smile again!

the grandparent's day program was fun. i couldn't see my granddaughter because they were seated in chairs and not on the bleachers where i was looking. but when they stood and she saw me, she gave me the biggest smile. she was so happy to see me. that smile is worth any amount of crap i have to put up with from her mother.

i don't have anything else to say. it's cold. i bought a few groceries but nothing major. we will have sandwiches and soup. cereal and milk. tortilla pizzas and salad. i have a pound of ground beef i have yet to decide how to prepare.

seeing that it's tv tuesday, we must discuss the gosselin situation. i miss them being on tv. i just wish that all their tabloid crap had been played out on the show. talk about a soap opera!

but i feel sorry for the 8.

i read somewhere that kate is getting a new show in april, in which she will have to do a variety of jobs. can-do kate? thankfully, her children are not involved. i don't know if i will watch it.

if i do, i will do it to ensure she earns enough money to take care of her kids.

but please, don't spend any money on hair extensions. i know tlc was paying for the last ones, but it proves one thing:


never thought i would say that, but have you seen her hair?!?!?

however, a free smartcar would be a wonderful thing. stupendously wonderful!

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