Wednesday, October 6, 2010

still sitting at home

i am having a yard sale this week-end, or Friday at least. i am takinig some stuff over to a friend's house in the nearest town. her house is on tthe way in and out of town, as well as 1/2 block from the farmer's market. we should get a lot of traffic there for sure!

i have several more rubbermaid totes of stuff ready to be sold. i have fat ladies clothes listed on ebay. i figure i will get more money selling them there. i have 2 blouses on there right now, as well as a relisted pair of kenneth cole unlisted red shoes.

i won't have any money until the end of next week if i don't sell some crap. paying for those car repairs has kicked my butt and emptied my wallet. i need some juice, if you know what i mean.

i am rejoining the ymca, since i now have a car everyday. i miss the morning water aerobics classes, as well as swimming. i never touched the weight room, but well, it's there if i ever get the urge to pump iron. the ymca in super tinytown is having a special enrollment wth no enrollment fee, so that's a savings of $90! once i have my membership, i can go to the fancy one in richbabytown.

i got to see my grandkids last night. we had a good night. i went to their soccer game then we went out to eat. i ate my side salad and brought the catfish poboy home to bobo, who is sick. otherwise he would have gone with me.

i lost 6 lbs. last week in some fluke of nature. i just hope i don't put it back on this week. i would like to lose at least 1 lb. a week.

my closets will be almost empty when i finish selling all the clothes that are too big for me. i just got a pair of jeans from, using swagbucks and a credit from the cionstar machine. coinstar services are free if you get an or other certificate. it's hard to find a machine that gives certificates, so check it out at

wish me luck and sunshine as i try to foist off my junk in exchange for money. paper money, hopefully!


  1. Good luck! Hope you make tons of cash!
    I was just discussing cleaning out our garage and having a huge garage sale with my daughters boyfriend. I told him the deal is, if he helps me he and my husband can have a man cave.
    He's aaaaaall over it!

  2. would you believe that i am STILL putting off getting all the junk together? i could use the cash, i just need to get off my duff and sort the chaff from the crap and get it over with!

    when are u going to update again? did i scare you off from blogging?


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