Monday, October 11, 2010

cake is magic

i put up a new cake for us. in fact, it's a cake with cupcakes. i think it's cute. i am going to start changing out the cakes at the beginning of every month, so we don't get spoiled.

but i think i still prefer wedding cake. white icing, white flowers, white writing, white, white, white. that way the only thing you taste is the sugar and butter. not dyes. they have a funky taste.

there was nothing sweet in my house this week-end. trust me, i looked. i kept looking in the cabinet hoping to find the goodie fairy had slipped something in there.

then this morning, i find two boxes of brownies. behind the box of stovetop stuffing.

but i will try to hold off on making them until thursday. or friday.

or until later this afternoon.

cake is magic.


  1. I love, Love, LOVE that picture! I like cupcakes waaay more than cake. There is just something about those little morsels of cake and then frosting...yummy frosting!! LOL

  2. the only thing that makes me happier than a good cupcake is a good glazed tea cake complete with a pink rose! i originally said iced but it sounds like i meant iced tea, not an iced cake! my mother brought those to my first grade class on my birthday. i hate to think about how much it cost her!


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