Friday, October 8, 2010

another day

i got up at 6 and loaded my car with yardsale stuff. i was ready for a good yardsale from 5-noon. i hoped to make $50, enough to go to red lobster and have endless shrimp.

long story short, the yardsale is going to go down next week. that will give me enough time to get some stuff together and sell lots of crap. i think i will put the money toward paying off my car. i am so close! that's almost $250 bucks i will free up and be able to save it up for things that need to be paid.

like propane.

it seems like every month, there is $300 that needs to fall out of the sky. i am making a little bit selling things on ebay and the occasional yardsale, but i need some type of business that can be done with a minimal investment. any ideas? right now i am setting up a set of shelves for ebay auctions. i'm stashing boxes and tape and odd paper to use for packing. every bit i can reuse or recycle is money in my pocket. i am wrapping the clothing up in flashy tissue paper and closing it with a hello kitty sticker, just trying to give it more perceived value.

i wish i knew how to suddenly make a million dollars a day with my blog, like suddenly i become one of the big money-making non-mommy bloggers out there. would i crack under the pressure or would i remain myself and make being fat suddenly the hottest thing out there. i would just like to have cash and pay off everything at once, car and house! then i would be happy. it's hard to believe that at one point in time, i owned 2 rental homes that brought in $500 each, 1 that rented for $750, not to mention my huge house on the rich side of tinytown. i used to be on easy street. one day i will have all that again, and this time i know enough to respect it.

i have a secret money story that i will share someday. once you read it, you will see everything totally different. it turns the entire world around. you will understand how i can be so blase sometimes about money. or why i am having such a hard time with money right now. but that is for another day.

since october 1, i have been spending at least 5 minutes a day on my balance ball, sometimes 5 times a day. it's getting me moving. i just sit on it and bounce around the room as i put stuff away. every day. i lost 6 lbs. last week. i think i have finally broken through a 4 month plateau. i have to get a pound a week off. if i could do that, i would be happy. but i would rather lose like 3-4 lbs. instead. if i did that, i'd be fine in no time.

i sometimes read mckmama at, and i was somewhat shocked to read of the charges against her. the examples i found on another site were kind of shocking. who thinks they can get away with plagarism like that? i would have summarized it differently and explained that i was paraphrasing their work, assuming of course, i had their permission.

there seem to be a lot of people suddenly getting cancer. i don't know if it's really happening, or if cancer is the new depression, but there's a lot of people out their blogging about their cancer adventures. i think they are brave if they are true, and slapped upside the head with a wooden ruler if they are faking. i have seem somoe articles about people faking cancer, and i always wonder now if someone is real or fake when they announce they have cancer. if you go from point a to point b, one might assume that blogging causes cancer. i hope not.

october is breast cancer month and think i will find a new cake for us.

someting that tastes like roses.

something that tastes like life.

something pink.

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