Thursday, October 14, 2010


payday is tomorrow, which is good as i am broke.

i have begun thinking about christmas. i want to get the grandkids nice gifts but i don't know exactly what to get them, as i haven't been around them a lot lately. my son and chicky are getting a big bottle of laundry detergent.

bobo is getting new glasses tomorrow. he has a second job interview for a job. i hope he gets it. we have been trying to communicate more. i can see where he is making an effort. me? i've been trying since we got married! i never stopped "being there". he had just checked out and i guess i can blame it on being depressed about having no job. but things are better. we still have out separation agreement in place, just in case. can you tell we are kinda on the fence about this thing? i just don't want my heart broken.

i have to try to balance the money better this month. with the car repair bill paid, i have more cash. plus i don't have to buy CELLPHONES this month! stupid little horse's ass of a dil!

i feel so much freedom since i cock-blocked her on facebook. i feel like a burden has been lifted off my shoulders. it a good feeling.

enough about her, her rent-free days of living in my mind are over! evicted!

so tomorrow i get to go to target to pick up my medications. big whoop! i heart target!

we have no groceries, so i guess we will do that this week-end. but first we are going to red lobster tomorrow night! it's endless shrimp time! plus i have a coupon! i got it on the internet! you can find one too over at . he's a fun read! i asked him about the aacye etiquette and he answered me. amazingly it was what i do anyway. but shrimp is good! we need to be hungry when we go there. i promise not to make a pig of myself!

okay, okay, i will try.

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