Wednesday, October 20, 2010

i am redeemed!

my stupid dil has done a complete 180 from last week. i think she is a freaking fruitcake.

suddenly, i am able to see the kids again! i will have the little girl from friday night until sunday night. i have great plans for us: i have IHOP coupons we can use friday, then there is a FREE carnival saturday afternoon. they always have food- hamburgers or hotdogs), drinks, lots of candy, carnival-type games, inflatables (like bouncy houses and slides),a petting zoo with pony rides and a cake walk.

i went last year with root and both kids. i had to go to the bathroom REALLY bad. i walked toward the church building and followed the arrow that said restrooms.

somehow i ended up in line for the cake walk.

now, i love me some cake. and these were homemade cakes made by little old ladies. so i had every plan to win me a cake. but first, i need a bathroom in the worst of ways!

but i'm in the cake walk, about to wet my pants and ruin my good time. then it happened.

i won.

i won a HUGE homemade butter pound cake. this was a heavy buttery hunk of old lady deliciousness. i ended up giving the cake to my son, as he kept trying and he never won a cake. the little girl won some cupcakes and the little boy won a HUGE chocolate truffle cake that i think came from wal-mart.

but if my granddaughter is hungry after the carnival, i have coupons for steak 'n shake. she loves that place. she's all about the milkshakes.

we need to make some kind of craft. i have some felt we can use to make a dog poncho for her dog. i just need to run up a bobbin to use in my little sewing machine, the bobbin is out of thread.

i guess this means i need to buy my dil something for her birthday. i am going to target tomorrow, so i can pick up something for her then. i also have a set of lip glosses someone gave me for my birthday that i never opened. so yes, i am guilty- i am regifting! but i never opened it, it didn't come from her and she doesn't even know i have it. so i will buy something to go with that.

it's hard to buy a good gift for someone you don't like.

i might just buy her some potholders or kitchen towels. you don't have to be emotionally invested to buy potholders.

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