Sunday, October 24, 2010

a new show for kate gosselin

i really miss "jon & kate plus 8", i mean in a major way. i don't like the idea of the children being exploited. i would make the kids a secondary plot line. i would & focus on the dynamics of the relationship between jon & kate. they could just go on having their little spats and slap fights, and she could tell him he was breathing too loud, and he could tell her to take the stick out of her behind.

but this would be a sitcom, about a couple who have a reality show about their 8 children. Due to marital disharmony, they are in danger of losing their show- and all that money!- so they secretly decide to act as if their marriage is all hunky dorry! we could introduce a couple of core FRIENDS and then add the randoms who pass through the snow. the teacher of their sextuplets could be a good character to include, as well as their baby-sitter. jon would have a job, because kate didn't treat him quite like dirt when he had a job. all the money from the show is going toward some tax lien, so they aren't really affected by the money, but they need it. they are still appreciative of all the freebies and trips. they still have the stress of jon needing to work.

they are still ordinary people, not paparazzi fodder. they are so vanilla no one cares. no slut clothes, no ed hardy, no hair plugs or weave, no purse-toting sexy bodyguard. wait, we'll keep the bodyguard and make him gay! and an uncle! yeah, a guncle. and kate would keep fixing him up with her female friends. hilarity will ensue!

i may buy the dvd's of the series. i will check and see if my library has them. otherwise, i will have my sister buy them for me for christmas. i usually say pillows, but i think i have the exact right number of pillows and blankets. oh, but i could use another set of sheets! well, maybe my mom will buy some sheets. i just always have a hard time coming up with stuff when i'm put on the spot.

i bet if i wait long enough, tlc will come up with another likeable family to run to ruin and i will be happy once again.

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