Wednesday, October 20, 2010

my husband is talking to his aunt about holiday plans. i think we are having thanksgiving here and christmas at their house, unless something changes between now and then.

that's good, i have a lot of thanksgiving serving dishes. i can make a presentable table that should be on the cover of a food magazine. i also make a cherry pie with dark and regular cherries, so it's kind of polka-dotted. it's delicious!

lasy year, i make this pie and i made a very elaborate in the top of the top crust. smokie- my husband's cousin- didn't think it was real and accidentally pulled a huge hunk off of the top. then he had the nerve to say, "i didn't think it was real. i didn't know you could make anything that looked like that."

then he tried to make some cornbread to outdo my jalapeno-onion corn cakes. he didn't know that part of the way it turns out is the pan is use. so he failed. i win. go, me!

i think i will make my cherry pie and some kind of egg custard or chess pie. maybe pecan pie with something besides pecans in it.

i want to make a cake too. maybe delicious coconut with cool whip frosting. i saw a recipe you made a week ahead of time. i have to find that recipe. southern living? martha? bhg? i hope i haven't given the magazine away.

i have to begin making plans for thanksgiving. i always make a master list of all the dishes, then i make a list that has the ingredients for each dish, then i have a consolidated list to shop for all the dishes at once. much list-making to be done.

then i have to look for coupons for all of it. and mark the list if item is couponed.

then shop, cross referencing several exel spreadsheets to make proper choices.

then load and unload the groceries- i must remember to take a laundry basket or two, so i can load them up at the store, then drag/kick them into the house to unload.

then everything for thanksgiving is marked with a sharpie letter T, so nobody will eat up thanksgiving before the day arrives.

then you get to cook.

for hours and hours, and before then, you chop and peel and make stock and it's a never ending spiral until the meal.

then all is good.

but later, you will clean.

but that will be later, after you have had pie, too much pie.

and cake!


  1. And Cake! Lots of Cake! I prefer that to pie anyday of the week!

    If you find that recipe for that cake, will you post it? That sounds really interesting!! :)

  2. sure! i'll be looking thru all the magazines soon. i will also be posting some other recipes for some of the easiest thanksgiving dishes ever!


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