Sunday, October 3, 2010


i have been invited to go to church with a friend. her church is having a potluck dinner. i have been to a few functions they have had and they have some good cooks at that church!

they are non-denominational. it is not even called a church, it's a christian fellowship center. they play the electric keyboards and have a house band. i have been to one of their services which was a food function. then i went to a fall carnival with chris and the kids, where i ended up in the cake walk instead of the restroom and i really had to pee. then i won a cake and almost wet my pants to make it in time.

i guess if you want me to go to church, you better feed me.

i ended up going to bed very early yesterday, like taking a nap at 3 p.m. that i never woke up from. yeah, i had a couple of calls but i couldn't ever stay awake. i ended up sleeping until 5 a.m. tv sucks at that time of day.

over the past few days, i have been trying to clean out the pantries and stuff, and purge what doesn't need to be in the cabinets. i now have shelves in the garage, so i have somewhere to put those big items i use once in a blue moon, like a turkey roaster or crock-pot.

a very good friend of mine sold me a very beautiful mirror for less than the price of a cup of coffee- at starbucks, of course! i am going to get some 1/4 round and have it cut to the length of the mantel, then paint it white. then i will nail it down halfway across the middle. that way the mirror will have something to hold it in place. i don't trust these walls to hold up a mirror.

i need to look for some mint while i am at lowe's. i need some mint for the back yard, to keep the ants away.

well, i better get it in gear if i am going to be at church at 6!


  1. Whew! 6!? As in A.M.? Now that's devotion!
    Paint that mirror and molding before putting it up... much easier to just touch up afterward.
    Good luck on finding the mint! Love that stuff!

  2. no, haha, 6 p.m.

    that's a great idea.

    i'm looking for mint. no one has herb plants this late in the season. my friend has some seeds she is going to find for me. hopefully they might sprout.


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