Friday, October 29, 2010

clothing the naked masses

itchy came over last week-end. we make to a carnival together and went to steak-n-shake afterwards. we ate frozen waffles and bacon on a rainy sunday. we made a profile on some fashion tween site and she downloaded that freaking justin beiber song to her little player- if i never hear it again, that will be finr eith me! if she wasn't playing it, she was singing it. or listening and singing at the same time.

we also dressed the naked barbies.

but all i could find that would work fast was this ugly knit fabric, pink and brown and orange stripes. so i was able to cut out dresses for the 3 girl dolls.

the boy doll will require some sewing, so we will do him later.

i can't decide if her dolls look like a band or a very small cult. i will determine that later when i take a picture to post here.

when we got home from the grocery store, i hear some rustling in the back of the house. when i looked out, i saw two does scampering across the yard toward the pond area. of course, THE SUN WASN'T OUT, so i can't show you how beautiful the pond looks. i have never posted any photos of where i live but maybe i will start. i live in a plain house with an extraordinary lot. i have ancient cedars that hover over the pond and make a canopy that encircles it, almost like some pagan-ish worship site. or maybe something hobbit-y. it's neat.

soon, there will be pictures. i promise.

i have a birthday party to go to tomorrow. the woman is 62 and loves to deer hunt, so i bought her some really nice socks, pink wool ones, to wear under her big camo socks. i also bought a 12 pack each of coke and pepsi to take to the party. i was price matching the coke but the pepsi was regular price. the cashier informed me that pepsi was not a coke product. she sounded exasperated with me. i told her i knew, that i was only matching the coke, as well as the cherry dr. pepper for my house, but i would not be matching the pepsi as it was not a coke product. she kept saying, "i can't match that, it's not a coke product anywway", then i would say, "i know, i only want to price match the coke and dr. pepper, please." then it would start over again.

the woman behind me was laughing at us.

finally she rang them up. i know she rang them up correctly, because she verbally verified each keystroke.

and the sad thing is i knew how to do it anyway. i've price-matched so many times, i know the ringing sequence.


i realzed tonight was the first time i have been out of the house since last saturday night.

i've got to get a social life.

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