Friday, October 8, 2010

dear dr. pepper

dear dr. pepper,

if you're reading this, you've thought about me and the man. we miss your company.

it's ok to come over. just please don't come over messed up. and don't bring drugs with you. call before you come. don't bring your dates with you please. i don't like being judged in my own home.

we aren't exciting people. we live a slow life. if you want to play monopoly sometime, stop by.

i'll even let you be the cowboy.


  1. I had a boss who used to dance around the office singing the Dr. Pepper song...good times, good times..... LOL

  2. i always got him dr. pepper stuff for his birthday and christmas. his favorite item was the vintage logo tee- it matches the logo of the shirt he wore in his yearbook photo in 10th grade!

    be a pepper!


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