Thursday, October 21, 2010

my next long term goal- a mystery give-away!

i've noticed with the site meter count that i have a lot of visitors. so i've got a new goal.

i would like to get as many followers as possible and get a ton of comments. i would like to get a lot of twitter followers. i would like to win the lottery.

lottery aside, if i get 100 followers on my blog, i will host a dual giveaway. everybody that follows me and was referred to me by someone else will earn them an entry, as well as the person who invited them.

so here's the deal: 2 prizes, one for followers of the blog and/or twitter followers, the other for people who invite people to join. this will occur if i have at least 100 followers here on the blog. the twitter followers are just gravy, okay? i always follow people who follow me. i don't twitter often, i prefer to just answer tweets.

leave me comments and let me know what you did. if someone invited you, please include their name and email in your entry. if you just want to comment, that's an entry too.

i don't know what the giveaway will be, you know i am a bargain shopper, so it will be something good. i may even wait until they win and i will let them tell me what kinds of things they like. maybe it will be a regift from christmas. or something i was going to put on ebay. or maybe i'll make something fabulous and sparkly. but i promise you'll like it1

tell all your friends!. here is the tiny url to put up on your blog. it links back to this entry:

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  1. Oooohhh...a Mystery Giveaway! FUN FUN!!! :) I follow your blog and am clicking on your link to follow you on twitter! :)


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