Thursday, February 25, 2010

a lightbulb goes off over my head!

i have put up some old entries from another blog. they are listed in the 2009 archives. it's not a lot but it's better for them to be there than somewhere out in the interwebs. at least here, they tell a part of the story.

so far, i have been good about not going to the old haunt of mine, the total snarky witch-fest website. but it's tempting.

i drove to the rotten town and did my grocery shopping. i think i will call this town "cracktown", and the other one "richville". so, i drove to cracktown and did my grocery shopping, and while i had a $100 bill set aside to do the monthly shopping (we fill in with about $15-20 dollars worth of food on friday nights at the tiny store near our house- by the time you figure in mileage, you can buy up to $30 and not spend anymore there than the discount place), i spent only $85. i used quite a few coupons, but i did  a lot of price matching and there were a few things they even paid me to take home. before coupons and in-store savings, my total was $143. so i saved about $58!


i think i will shake down $58 from the family budget somewhere and put the $58 away for my smartcar. i should do that as well as figure out how much i have saved by not getting a drink when i go out to eat.

wow, i think i have something to send the smartcar people. i have an ad campaign whereby they let me use a smartcar and i can only use my coupon savings to pay for gas and maintainenece. yeah, and if i don't have enough gas for my smartcar, i have to ride the hoopty 1962 schwinn hollywood bike you may have seen as my avatar.

oh wait, my severe arthritis may be a problem here.

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