Tuesday, February 2, 2010

getting back on track tuesday

i have been coasting through things. i need to get my crap together and clean up the house tomorrow. it's very dirty, not at all flylady. i made the little journal, but they send SO many emails and ithe lasy thing i need is more encouragement to stay on the computer.

the last few days have not been the best ever. we ran out of propane. now it's already february and we are down south, so logically, we shouldn't be getting anymore snow. we made the decision to just buy another heater for the time being, and we will begin saving for next winter's propane. if i can stick away $10 a week, i will have enough for an entire tank next year. i can't wait to make the little can to hold the money. i will have to get creative. i will post a picture when i get it done.

as you can see, i tend to flit and flutter from thing to thing and never accomplish anything.

i think i'm gotta go make a list of things to do and go to bed. then i will get up early in the morning and get THINGS done!

my list:
  1. get a smartcar
  2. finish laundry
  3. finish dishes
  4. prank call the people at smartcar and tell them to send me a free car...OR ELSE!
and if they know what's good for them, it will be white! or blue, red, silver, or black- the only colors they come in! not that i'm picky or anything.

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  1. You and your smartcar...you are soooo funny! I also tend to flit and flutter from thing to thing, so I have found that making a list is very helpful...as long as I don't lose the list! HA! :)


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