Saturday, February 6, 2010

the girl with the most cake lives up to her name

i caked out this week-end. i made little cakes and decorated them them for valentine's day. i am going to take a picture of them to post here. i think they are cute! they are made out of my easy pound cake recipe. we make it a lot in the summer for strawberry shortcake.

i can't really bake or make candy very well, things that require great attention to the numbers and the timing. i am a math tard, so i end up cooking the mixture too long so that it scorched the vanilla, giving my so-called fudge a bitter oily weirdness and texture kind of like silly putt and bubble gum together. it tasted like poison.

once when my niece (who i will call roxie from here on out) was little, she got into a pan of fudge i made and smeared it all over herself. we ended up taking her and the walker she was in outside and hosing her down before bathing her. that fudge never got hard and tasted like tootsie rolls. so we cut up squares of waxed paper and made homemade bobo tootsie rolls. they would have made great gifts, but first off, baby hands have played in it. while family doesn't care because the baby slobbers all over everything anyway.

i tried several times but could never duplicate the recipe. i started writing down everything i included in my concotions when i made them, so if they were good i would make them again, and if it sucked, i could tear it into little shreds analyze the recipe and figure out what went wrong.

all i remember about the tootsie roll thing was some corn syrup and powdered cocoa. don't try this at home!

the cakes are for our superbowl party. i am making the obligatory chili ( real chili and the kind with beans) along with boiling a big pot of hot dogs. i used a lot of coupons at the store, so i will have to find the receipt and give you the 411. i saved a lot and i got great garnishes: shredded lettuce, green onions, shredded cheese, sour cream, tortillas, macaroni, olives, pickles, relish, onion slices, salsa, oyster crackers, tortilla chips, saltines and i think i shall have a grilled cheese bar.

because i'm fancy like that.

 i am putting the bread and cheese on a long table next to the foreman grill and a glass sugar box of softened butter and a can of pam cooking spray. the chili and the toppings are on the other end of the table.

i put the silverware packets and drink table in the door of the kitchen, so there is no back up when everybody is getting they grub on. and also they will stay out of my freakin' kitchen.

as much as it pains me to admit this, i am using foam ware- bowls, cups, plates. i got them free becuase the place hubby worked at was going to throw them away. so i guess  can feel not quite so spendthrift if it gets used, rather than chunked without ever having been used. i hope clean up is a breeze. heck, i'm almost green...

a few of the other wives offered to bring dessert also. i hope there will be brownies to be brought. i am trying to lose weight, so i will only get one bite if each dessert. i am making a big salad to go with my no-beans bowl of red and i am drinking water. i have not eaten a single bite of the cakes i made.

there will be no children, thank you, jesus! one of the couples oldest son offered to baby-sit each kid for $10.00, so he is making a nice tidy sum.

i will have to make it easy on everybody and put my dog jack in his crate outside if it's not too cold. he is a parson russell, which is different species than a jack russell and the AKC doesn't issue papers for it because it is under 12 inches high. if the children are gone, the dogs must be put up also. only fair!

i could care less about the game. the ladies are playing girlie pink poker in the dining room, using those valentine's conversation hearts instead of poker chips. i got a free set of pink poker somewhere off the internet, but the chips disappeared. candy will have to be a substitute.

if i had a smartcar, i could teach the dog to drive and he could go buy is beer. because he is 9 in dog years times 7 people years= 64 years old. we can't let that old maniac dog out on the road!

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  1. Wow! You are having quite the party!! I am impressed with your fancy food setup...the grilled cheese bar sounds YUMMY!! If I lived closer, I'd come over and crash your party!! :)

    Poor doggie...but, like you said, no kids, no dogs! I have a Jack Russell Terrier, and I have never heard of a Parson Russell; you need to post a pic!

    I had a good laugh about the doggie driving the smartcar....the visual in my head is making me laugh even more! BEEP BEEP...get outta the way for Gramps! LOL


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