Wednesday, February 17, 2010

cheap thrills

i made it to walgreen's last night- those rebate rewards were burning a hole in my pocket! i had $11 to spend, so i got 3 bags of dove promises- milk chocolate, dark chocolate and meltaway center chocolate. i also found hubby a treat on clearance- reese's creams!

when i checked out, i got a surprise- a $5 rr for spending $10 on hershey's chocolate. more money for chocolate!

the reese's creams were a hit with him. they are wrapped in a loose package. they are square, not round. he loves them. the only problem is that they were on last chance clearance- which we all know, means it will never be seen on the face of the earth again. i'm still looking for the a-1 garlic steak sauce from 2 years ago.

i found some toddler clothes on clearance at target for my niece's baby. a cute striped shirt was .75 and a sweet pink hooded sweatshirt was $1.25! they were back in the corner of the store where they had been selling bulk packages. i also got a BIG box of frosted flakes for cheap.

since i was at target, i went ahead and got what i could in the way of groceries. but they were out of gallons of regular red-top milk, i had to buy a half-gallon instead. they had 1/2 lb. blocks of cheese for $2, so i got some sharp cheddar and pepper jack cheese. i also bought triscuits and chiken-n-a-biskit crackers for my husband ( they are like club crackers rubber with chicken bouillon) at $2 a pop.

i picked up my rx refills while i was there and got a $10 gift card for the new one i dropped off to have filled. i like to save the gift cards and spend them on something i really don't need. i bought a cute little metal patio table that folds a few years ago and it's on my front porch right now. otherwise, i buy jewelry, stationery/pens or things to use for gifts.

i seem to have this obsession for paper. even though my son is grown, i still buy school supplies when they are on sale in september. i give them to my niece's children or the church. i have a shelf full of blank notebooks and journals, most bought on clearance, because they make great gifts. i guess i think i could write MY NOVEL if only i had the right notebook.

i also covet pens. but i don't have the big daddy of all pens- a montblanc! i could never bring myself to buy a $100 or more pen, but when i publish my first novel, i will buy it for myself.

but the first thing i am going to buy is a smartcar.

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  1. Hey there! Thanks for the marshmallow trick...I have never heard of it but I am definitely going to have some on hand from now on!!

    Great job on rolling those RRs....awesome! If I lived closer to a Walgreens, I'd be in heaven! :)

    WALGREENS CORPORATION: Here my Plea!! Build a Walgreens close to Me! HA! I'm a Poet and didn't Know It! LOL


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