Thursday, February 11, 2010

always be better

i did something today that i am very proud of doing.

i dropped off an internet message board i have been posting on since 2005. the members had gotten mean. i said something that clearly stated as hard to express, but i was blasted anyway.  i didn't go there for a day or two.

finally i was able to remove the bookmark from my favorites, because there is something so satisfying about it being gone.

poof! it disappeared.

i didn't think about it. i have been doing things around the house.

then i broke, about an hour ago. i soaked it all in. i wasted 20 minutes. then i decided it wasn't worth the time i was putting into it, something so wrong and so hateful. i mean, it went from being a fansite for a certain tv show and now people are on there spouting all their political/religious (two subjects you don't discuss!) bullhockey and just plain being mean and calling people nasty names and saying disgusting things. hey, i just want to talk about the show!

so i think i am over it.

and i think i will be a better person for it.

i can spend the time on better things, like laundry and dishes and things that are piled up at the moment. but it's too cold to do anything. i am so stiff. but i did manage to do the sheets and comforters to both beds.

i don't have to spend my time keeping up with grown women calling each other jr. high names. if i do, somebody better get me a leif garrett poster STAT!

uh, a little older please!

no, not the mugshot!

that one's cool! he might be semi-sober!

if i had a smartcar, i wouldn't let leif garrett borrow it. if i did, i might end up on "the smoking gun presents: world's dumbest fat chicks." danny bonaduce and tanya harding will make fun of me.

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