Friday, February 5, 2010


we came up with a temporary solution to the no propane problem.

my hubby can get propane cheap at his job, but there is no way to carry the big tank to work for filling. right now we have a small tank that holds like 7 gallons attached to the heating system. we are only going to use it if it snows. we have an extra tank to swap the current one out when it is enpty, so it can be refilled

we started saving for the next BIG purchase. we are saving $15 a week for the next 2 months, then dropping it down to $10 for the rest of the year. we are doing that because i need to make up for the month of january, before i lost my propane innocence.

it sucks to reply on space heaters for warmth! i am frightened of them. i use the one that has a timer on it. i always set it for 4 hrs. so that if i forget to tun it off, it will just shut off via the timer. i am careful that they are never used in an unoccupied room. when i turn it on to warm the bedroom at night, i leave the door open and a small bedside light on. i am so frugal/OCD about the lights, i am continually noticing the light is ON and must be OFF ( i leave the light on also when i am cooking something at night that is simmering,or if i'm doing a load of laundry that must be taken care of immediately, i.e.he needs his work sweatshirt for a tv promo tomorrow and he got it dirty yesterday. i also do this when i cook.) or my world will fall apart.

i also make sure i don't have anything close to the space heater that could get set afire. i also make sure that if i throw off a blanket in my sleep, it won't land on the heater.

i read on another website that they saw a smartcar and it looked like a deathtrap. poor smartcar, the internet is talking bad about you. let me make it all better...

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  1. Hey there...don't let anyone talk bad about your little car...they are just jealous because it is so cute and they aren't! :)


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