Thursday, February 11, 2010

stupor bowl recap

everybody ate chili. i took a lot of ribbing over the grill cheese bar, but everybody loved it.

i won $31. I was the only one rooting for the saints. everyone else took indiana by a certain point spread. when i said i wanted to choose the saints, the guy collecting the dollars just laughed and said "you won't need the point spread!"


by the way, the heart candies as poker chips was fun. but i suck at poker, and i kept eating the candy i was supposed to bet with!

some friends of ours invited a couple who are displaced. they are living in a garage (heated and finished out, normally used as an office) right now, but once the husband gets a few checks under his belt, they are getting a small apartment. i offered them anything in the garage they could use, with limited exceptions. i have a lot of dishes and cookware i will never use. when my son met the woman he married, they moved in after 2 weeks. i ended up taking their discards as they combined households. i didn't want him to end up with nothing if she moved out. they have been married since october, so i guess i can get rid of the stuff.

imagine, i will have space again!

sometimes i feel like i have hoarding tendencies. watching "hoarders" on a&e scares me. i can totally relate to those poeple who feel such a connection to their belongings (i still refuse to call it clutter!) because there is one thing i used to own that disappeared during one of our moves.

i'm missing the cinderella cake topper from my 6th birthday cake. cheesy, right? but i remember that as the best party i ever had. i got a cinderella watch for that birthday.

i didn't have another birthday party until i turned 40. my husband took mwe out to dinner, then we went to see friends. they had an all-white cake and champagne for me!

but no cinderella cake topper. i guess i could always hunt it down on ebay.

but it won't be MY cake topper!

the house was warm enough on sunday, but i refuse to use the little bit of propane we have on myself when i am here alone. so i am walking around in MANY layers of clothing.

yesterday i fell in the mud. not just fell, but face planted. hair, glasses, face, entire body. i was taking the dog out while i got the mail and he jerked very hard and very suddenly. this caused me to get both shoes stuck in the mud. as i was bending down to free my clod-hopper, he jerked again and i just fell forward. i didn't hurt my self, but it was very hard to get up. i got back up the hill and threw the dog in the house.

then i stripped on the porch. yep, butt naked. no one can see the porch on my house from the street, so i wasn't flashing anybody. then when i was free of my suit of mud, i grabbed a laundry basket and threw everything in. after i got the wash going, i took a hot bath. but it seemed like everywhere the mud touched my skin, i couldn't get warm. i got bundled up again and went back to bed with the space heater going. yeah, and the dog too. he's a cheap little heater.

when my husband got home, i told him what happened and he was laughing until i told him i couldn't get warm. he stopped laughing and bundled me up on the couch and made me tea. then we snuggled together until i got warm, with the space heater now in the living room and, of course, the dog between us.

it's supposed to snow again. hubby is getting one of the tanks topped off today, so we won't freeze this week-end. hopefully.

has anyone seen the little debbie commercial with all the smartcars?

what has little debbie ever done to merit a dozen smartcars, except addd to the lard on my behind?

smartcar people, please smarten up. SEND ME ONE! please. i promise not to verbally berate little debbie snack cakes anymore as i pass them in the store.

but oh, starcrunch, you are still my first crush!

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