Monday, March 1, 2010

cutting up

lately, my husband has gotten into helping me coupon. he suts the coupons out he thinks i will use. the rest are sent into the circle. so if there is a coupon that the other ladies haven't clipped, i will end up wth a ton of coupons. this is a fun thing todo, and it's free.

once the coupons are cut, i put them in a file box in alphabetical order by brand name. i know most people do it by catergory, but here is my logic:

if i am looking for lysol toilet scrub, i have to go through a lot of coupons for other toilet scrbs and they all look the same. however, if i file them by brand name, i can quickly tell what the brand name is and what the shape is, so to me, it is much easier to find.

bonus: the coupon has a picture on it, so i can hand some off to my husband and say, "go find this please" and thanks to the picture on the coupon, he now knows exactly what it looks like! that saves me a lot of time. i also a send him to the home fragrance aisle with a bunch of glade and airwick coupons and tell him to find someting he likes.

another good thing about him cutting the coupons is that he keeps with thing we have coupons on, because he has seen it.

i have come across several blogs where the women claim that the binder system is much better and easy to use. you get those baseball pages and put one coupon in each pocket. it's supposed to be fast and easy to use, which means you save more money. i think i am going to look into buying a system. i can always sell it.

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