Wednesday, March 17, 2010


since i buy my own birthday gifts, i bought myself a nice notebook with a 3 inch ring and a handle and everything zips up all nice and neat. i also bought the pages used for baseball cards, which i will fill with coupons. i still have a few days left on my amazon prime trial, so i should be receiving it tomorrow or friday.

i am sure once i get used to it, it will save me a bit more money, i hope it pays for itself within the first month.

so i don't feel deprived, i also got a set of philosophy cologne, with some       3-in-1 gel and perfumed lotion. i saved 20% on it during a special promotion had last month. i love the 3-in-1, it's the best to take swimming and only have to take one bottle to the shower and use for everything.

i also love their vanilla birthday cake and lemonade scents. i have a bottle of gingerbread man- which smells like gingerale- that we use for the dog. before you decide i'm crazy, keep in mind this is a big bottle that they sent me free when i signed up for their email letter, or maybe it was my birthday, i don't really remember now. so, no, i'm not spending $16 for dog shampoo, i'm using some free stuff. i also have eggnog and cocoa fudge but i am not crazy about those. i wonder how my if my dog would like to be a nog dog.

i did some computer work today and earned 2 really pretty cut glass platters, 2 bingo game and mancala game for my grandkids, and had a great lunch. today i sat with a woman whose son had given her a desktop when she asked him for a typewriter. she gets confused and can't remember what is the internet and what is not the internet. she keeps mixing up windows and world wide web.

if i had a typewriter, i'd give it to her.

if i had a smartcar, i'd drive it to her house and give her a typewriter.

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