Monday, August 30, 2010

if i lived in a perfect world...

if i were a month, i’d be october.

if i were a day, i’d be thursday.

if i were a time of day, i’d be 11:20 p.m.

if i were a font, i’d be lucinda handwriting.

if i were a sea animal, i’d be a sand dollar.

if i were a direction, i’d be due east.

if i were a piece of furniture, i’d be a 2 occasional chairs with a reading lamp and a table between them.

if i were a liquid, i’d be ice water.

if i were a gemstone, i’d be an aquamarine.

if i were a tree, i’d be a flowering cherry.

if i were a tool, i’d be a mont blanc pen.

if i were a flower, i’d be a daffodil.

If i were an element of weather, i’d be a breeze.

If i were a musical instrument, i’d be a triangle.

If i were a color, i’d be tiffany blue.

If i were an emotion, I’d be disenchantment.

If i were a fruit, i’d be a ripe juicy peach.

if i were a sound, i’d be silence.

if i were an element, i’d be cobalt.

if i were a car, i’d be a 1962 thunderbird.

if i were a food, i’d be a pink cupcake with sprinkles.

if i were a place, i’d be a beach at dawn.

if i were a material, i’d be freshly laundered sun-dried winkled linen.

if i were a taste, i’d be spicy.

if i were a scent, i’d be birthday cake.

if i were a body part, i’d be the nape of the neck.

if i were a song, i’d be sung by van halen.

if i were a gift, i’d be beautifully wrapped.

if i were a city, i’d be saint louis.

if i were a door, i’d be open and french.

if i were a pair of shoes, i’d be pink cowboy boots.

if i were a short story, i’d be the lottery by shirley jackson.

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  1. That? was very telling! In a very nonconformist way, too!
    I can safely say I'm glad to know about you. :-)


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