Friday, August 6, 2010

rolling again

i have had some car problems lately. the good car-2001 model!- needed a power steering pump. we fixed that. then it began losing coolant and over heating. we had to fix that. i have spent $700 i didn't expect to spend.

our beater car-1993 vintage, which isn't properly tagged, inspected or insured and is highly illegal to drive- had been sitting since we moved. we had it parked at the far end of the driveway, so it wasn't like it was an eyesore up on blocks in the front yard. it was just a car with all the tires that never moved, but was neatly parked. we would push it back and forth once a week so the tires wouldn't dry rot.

while we were getting the good car fixed, i played around with the beater car. it wasn't starting due to a drain on the battery. i decided to get my cd out of the radio, so i took out the car radio and made sure all the wires were capped off. i destroyed a broken $600 radio to get out a $15 cd that is damaged.

bobo charged the battery because he has nothing better to do than wait.

the beater cranks every time now. it was the broken radio-which probably had shorted out- causing the problems. it just needs tags, insurance and inspection. i can do that when i get paid next week.

now we will both have cars. bobo can use one to find work with, and maybe i can rejoin the ymca and go to water aerobics and yoga again. at least i won't be stuck at home all day when he finds a job.

he still hasn't heard from the store with the bullseye logo. i found out from a friend of my sister's who works at another store in the same chain that the hr person at the store he applied at is losing her job. she just wasn't on the ball. in fact, her job has been posted internally at every store except her own. my sister's friend kind of offered bobo a job at her store, so he may go to work there. he has an appointment monday to speak with her.

his unemployment has almost run out. i don't know if it will be extended. i know they normally extend them one time at least but he has gotten no communication from the dept. of employment security. if it hasn't been extended, he should get a final baby amount check this week. it's enough to get us through until i get paid. as far as the extension congress voted in, no on knows anything.

the grandkids are back from their summer visit to their father's house and they started school yesterday. i haven't seen them yet. tomorrow the church near me is having a school supply giveaway, so i am taking them there hopefully. they already have their school supplies, but they will have fun with the bounce house and eating hot dogs and popcorn.

their mother has promised to bring them over several times but she always finds a very lame excuse to avoid me. i don't particularly care to see her either, but i NEED to see the babies. i have missed them and hopefully they have missed me. i'm tired of coloring by myself and playing "mother, may i?" alone.

i always win.

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