Tuesday, August 3, 2010

everybody hates raymond

so i haven't crapped out any babies in my dreams lately.

i haven't done much of anything lately, except lay on the sofa in my underwear watching reruns of bad sitcoms. needless to say, we haven't had any company over.

bobo had a fight with his friend with the drug problem over a months ago. bobo had noticed his friend seemed a bit depressed and asked him to come over, a couple of times actually. he kept saying he would come and then no call, no show. bobo left him a message asking what was the problem, did he hate us, why couldn't he even come by for a visit.

his friend called back and really bitched him out, calling him a whining titty-baby and saying it wsn't worth driving out to our house, then hung up on bobo.

no further communication

bobo thinks he is back on cocaine and tells me he doesn't care if he doesn't come around. but i know bobo and i know he is grieving for his friend. especially if he is back using drugs.

i decided to call bobo's friend today, on the work cellphone he uses as his own phone. i was hoping i could smooth things over, so at least the friendship would end on a more positive note. i got a stranger, who said our ex-buddy was supposed to be on leave-not he is on leave. this was a work phone, so if he is fired or on leave, it makes sense he would have no telephone.

but i got the implication that he is really fired or suspended or something.

i had made him a gmail account a month ago, so i checked it and it hasn't been used.

then it hit me.

before we started hanging out again about 4 years ago, i hadn't seen him for 10 years. i guess this is the beginning of the next 10 years without his friendship. by the time he shows back up, if it's 10 years, he will be almost 60. but with both parents having heart trouble, his continued cocaine use probably ensures he won't be around when he's 60.

wherever he is, whatever he is doing, i hope he is safe.

bobo needs to find new friends with better attitudes and less bad habits.

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