Thursday, August 19, 2010

mini free vacation

i'm house-sitting for a friend this week-end from friday at noon until sunday at 5:00 p.m. i am leaving the car with bobo. it will be a week-end of solitude.I'm bringing books and magazines and my laptop. okay, and a few DVDs, in case the silence thunders in my ears. of course, she lives behind a carwash, so i can go outside and listen to the homies scrubbing and vacuuming. i've got a couple of things to print, so i will use her printer while i'm there.

she has an electric guitar and amp, so i might play around and re-discover why i'm not a rich rock star.

bobo and i have discussed using the gift certificate we have for a restaurant near her house. i guess that means shaving my legs and bring a nice blouse to wear out. we are still just kind of looking at each other and unsure what to do. he doesn't have a job yet but he had a good interview the other day. i have expensive car repairs. i still don't have health insurance and i still need surgery on my left knee. i may end up staying with him until the surgery thing is over.

who am i kidding? i will probably spend the rest of my life with him, not smiling and plotting my escape.

i might run away from home.


  1. So who is the cute girl in the picture? You or your friend you're house sitting for?

  2. that's the crazy runaway bride,haha!


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