Sunday, August 29, 2010


yesterday when i got home from running errands, there were 4 fire trucks in my driveway! and billows of smoke everywhere!

the pasture land behind our house did their annual burn-roff and it got a bit out of hand. the fire was huge and heading my way. the firemen were putting up a chemical baracade to make sure my house and the ones on either side of mine didn't go up in flames. we had the medium firetruck from our town, the smaller one from the next town over, and a big and little firetruck from the big town 15 miles away.

the smoke was so bad, i wanted to leave again. but i didn't want to come home to a pile of ash. i ended up making bologna sandwiches and bringing out diet pepsi cans for the firefighters. sorry guys, that's all we had on hand!

the next time our house needs to be protected from burning down, i hope to have better sandwich makings on hand, and maybe some cookies.


  1. Forget the cookies...have cake on hand!! :)

    I am glad that your house didn't burn down...that is scary stuff!

  2. Gah! I know you're not complaining about the firemen! I mean your house didn't burn AND you had hunky firemen hanging around! I call it a "WIN/WIN!".

  3. cake sounds like a good matter what the emergency!

    we had a bad house fire 16 years ago and lost everything, so i had a panic attack when i got closer to my house and the smoke got thicker!

    luckily i'm not sitting in a pile of ash! and no one complained about the bologna.


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