Wednesday, September 1, 2010

ode to the damage the succubus caused

in-laws become outlaws, friends become foes,
but the ones who always love you aren't people you chose.

they gave you life, they gave you comfort, they gave you morals,
they always love you in spite of the quarrels.

one day you'll realize they won't be here forever,
so make the most of your time with your parents, it's now or never.

always love them and never forget,
love them now and you'll have no regret.

once they are gone, you'll fear the future and grieve the past,
so take the present they give, it will not last.

time is short and comes at great cost.
turn your back on them now and all is lost.

one day you will have grown children of your own,
they may reject you and leave you all alone.

it with hit you like a boulder with the weight of its truth:
you bought that loneliness from your parents with the ignorance of your youth.

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