Monday, September 27, 2010


i was thinking tonight about my DIL "unfriending" me on facebook. seriously, that's supposed to cause ww3? facebook is stupid, if i didn't play "yoville" i wouldn't ever have started. but back to the subject, i'm supposed to be really devasted by this maneuver made by her, the coup de grace.

what grade am i supposed to be in? today that made me laugh off loud. which is ok, i don't have a lot to laugh at these days.

so here is my facebook entry.

i had a moment of clarity and hilarity. someone did something stupid that was meant to hurt me and i realized that it's not what they did that hurt my feelings, but all the evil and venom they put into doing this stupid gesture that hurt me. i was suddenly hit with how stupid their gesture was in the first place, and how stupid they are to think that their little evil action is going to ruin my life. for the first time, in a long time, i laughed out loud. i spent too much time sad because of their evil effort and today it hit me how stupid and petty they are to have done what they did. thank you, idiotic evil one, for the best and hardest laugh i've had in a long time. prepare to be evicted, you can't live rent-free in my head anymore. you will need me before i will need you. by the way, i learn from my mistakes, unlike you. don't let the door hit you where the good lord split you. consider this bridge burned! have a good life, dingbat!

had i tweeted this, it would have to be more succinct.

i think i told you the story about how a few months ago chicky dissed me on facebook, denied doing it and has now unfriended me. i'm supposed to crushed by this. i did send her an apology via the "make a friend" button and she denied me a from being her friend. good for her. her birthday is in 3 weeeks. i hope she remembers that we aren't friends.

the funny part is she thinks the mere act pisses me off. it's not that, it's how important she thinks social media is...did i miss something? she thinks she really hurt my feelings because she did that. no, i;m not sad about facebook, i am sad you want to hurt me so bad.

and all i ever did was be her friend.

i was kinda down over this tonight. but then i hit me and i just had to laugh at her stupidity.

she 'unfriended' me. i can't buy her christmas or birthday or anniversary or just because gifts if we aren't friends.

she's not my friend.

i'm crushed. haha.

i submitted my essay to real simple. you had to finish the sentence "i never thought i..." my answer was "...become a mother-in=law."

i don't look to win the prize, but it would be enough to pay off my car. it felt good to get it down on paper regardless. which is priceless.

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