Wednesday, September 1, 2010

did they add more month when i wasn't looking?

it's only september 1st and i am broke!

i just took the target gift cards i was saving for christmas and bought groceries.

the target i went to isn't yet a grocery store (coming september 9th!) so i had to buy a lot of processed foods- canned and frozen crap i wouldn't make my first food choices if i had cash.

but i won't go hungry!


  1. Well, I'll say one thing! I do love Target! I can't believe there are still any around that don't have the grocery side! You will love it when it gets there!

  2. i know, i went to one with a grocery store once and they have everything! the grocery part is coming- but they have been promising it since june! it's like they plopped a huge NICE grocery store down and then added a target around it. i sometimes get their grocery store ad in the paper by mistake-depending on where i buy my paper. the milk alone is $1 a gallon cheaper! i'm really looking forward to it opening- if it ever does.


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