Monday, May 31, 2010

i'm posting just to get the l e g a l ads off my blog...

i refuse to give any blood money to the sharks in cheap suits, so i'm posting to hopefully have the ads purged.

we didn't cook out today, we are cooking inside instead. since my refrigerator is so sanitary now and full of clean, non-contaminated food, it will be fun. i am thinking of making teriyaki pork chops (teriyaki sauce, chopped green onions and grated ginger) and maybe some rice-type dish. i'm not a fan of rice at all, so i guess i will make salad for me. i can make it all crapplebee-ish by adding some mandarine oranges, chow mein noodles and toasted sesame salad dressing.

maybe i will get some applebee's ads woth good coupons. you can all thank me when your husband takes you out for dinner!

i will be eating in for a while, at least until. the week-end. i spoke with the neighbor and she will pay him the $50 she owes him for grass cutting on thursday. by that time, i will be out of groceries and need to go to the market. maybe all my stars will align and karma will allow me to get my gas grill after all.

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