Tuesday, May 11, 2010

one pill

i have a friend who has to come within 3 miles of my house on her way home, so sometimes i call her and she'll come get me or she'll visit for awhile.

but today i was in such a funk i couldn't seem to muster then energy to get dressed and allow myself to be dragged out of the house like courtney love on kurt's suicid-o-versary. instead i stayed home and have just festered under the covers all day.

i finally got up to check on my poor plants, which are getting wind-burnt. i ended up bringing the potted tomato in when the rest were finished. i trimmed it up and i am going to keep it in the house until it warms up.

i used some cute striped material scraps to tear into strips to use to secure the tomato. even that failed to cheer me up.

my legs hurt. i am being a grouch. all i want to do is hide in the bed and have snacks and sodas brought to me on a regular basis.

please god, if you're out there, give me some sun tomorrow. i promise, i'll stop smoking (ok, never start smoking) if only you will bring that beautiful sunniness back to me, if even for a moment.

at least long enough for the bones to dry out. i went down 10 pain pills this month, so i guess i need to learn to adjust to that. the goal is to have me at none and able to manage without narcotics.

but the narcotics make the day go by so well!

please pray for brett michaels and his bandana/brain bleed. i hope he doesn't end up as a drooling vegetable, not just because i like him, but that would make him e! true hollywood story a real sad bitch.

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