Sunday, May 30, 2010

no, i did not have a brain bleed...

i haven't been here in a while. i have been busy fighting with my daughter-in-law, whom i will call succubus from here on out. maybe i will tell the story sometime. summary/in a nutshell: she argued with me for 10 hours over buying itchy a toy from the dollar store. she argued via text all day while she was at work. i'm sure those people received excellent care while she was texting!

nothing much has changed here. i totally killed my first garden ad i am now working on a second set of tomatoes to the be sacrificed to the sun god. i didn't go topsy-turvy but instead i both a 2-level platic garden that has a place for 4 tomatoes to hang and you can plant other vegetables above it to grow upright. it does it all in 1 sq. foot of space! i ended up putting tomatoes on the top of the box too. so i planted 13 tomato plants all together. i am supposed to add a fertilizer stick every week but i forgot to buy some at the store. i will have to go back for salad stuff anyway. i hope i get even one tomato out of the whole bunch.

today when i was cleaning the fridge, i fuond the most ungodly mess. i ended up stripping it bare and bleaching the heck out of it. i think it was some chicken juice that dripped out of a double sealed bag into a vegetable bin that had a hole in it. i have the extended warranty on it, so i will call tuesday and get a replacement. luckily i didn't have any raw food in there that i needed to chunk. i was able to get it clean before i went to the store. all is sanitary again at casa cake.

last but not least:

                                                                       rest in peace
                                                                       gary coleman

 i wonder if gary coleman would be alive today if he had worn a bandana to control the brain bleed, like bret michaels. it seems like brain bleeds are going around these days, like the swine flu a few months ago. trust me, if brain bleeds are the new pandemic, i will get one.

maybe i should get a grant and study this. it could be funded by the lucrative bandana bigwigs.

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