Monday, May 31, 2010

a memorial day to remember

my husband really pulled a boner. i set up his unemployment on the computer, so he can file his certification on the computer and the money will be in the bank the next day.

he proved to me i need to be saving my money for a divorce.

after 2 months of it working fine doing it on the computer, he decides yesterday to use the telephone to file his certification.

can't be done.

he tried to use a numeric password from years ago. wrong password. his password is now alpha-numeric. his account got blocked after his dead-brained self tried repeateded to force the system to log him on and cannot be logged into until someone resets it.

which will be tomorrow morning. that means he has to drive to find a payphone because he better bot burn cell minutes- he could be on hold for an hour! then he has to sit in the hot sun until he gets someone. they will have to fix it.

hopefully he will get his money by friday.

yes, friday.

we don't have a lot of money right now. i did buy groceries and the car has a tank of gas.

but here's what pisses me off.

i am expecting a windfall check of about $2K. besides money to take care of my legal crap,  i had plans to buy a gas grill with it. but i may not get the check this week. target has the grill i wanted on sale for $300 with a FREE $100 gift card. the plan was us to use what funds i have and his unemployment money to get the grill, then use the big gift card to buy groceries and stuff that i would normally buy at target anyway. i will get the $2K check and i get paid the 15th anyway. now that he knows better than to try anymore bone-headed crap again, his unemployment will be in there next week.

you know, target only has a limited number of grills and they are issuing no rainchecks on this grill. they will all be gone by friday.

so his stupidity cost me $100.

see why i need to save for a divorce?

it seems i spend most of my time these days fixing his mistakes. i know he is depressed about his lack of a job, but damn, don't try to fix something that ain't broke.all he had to do was call me at the grocery store before he tried calling. i would have explained to him AGAIN- not the first time, mind you- that it has to be done on the computer. why do i pay for him to have a cellphone when he doesn't call me for important stuff?

why would you suddenly decide to do something differently when it was working fine the way it was being done?

for his mistake, he's not allowed to talk to me until his money is in the bank. he also doesn't get the tv remote today and he doesn't get to touch the thermostat.

i know this sounds petty. but it's just the latest in a bunch of bone-headed moves on his part. i haven't written about them becausei get too angry when i think about them.

i'm ready to run away from home and join the circus.

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