Thursday, June 10, 2010

not dead yet...

sushi flu didn't kill me. i'm still kicking. but i will be very cautious about the consumption of cheap sushi in the future. there is a nice restaurant that has a conveyor belt type situation where small plates (about 1/2 a roll) are available for $1.50. i think i will try to keep this place in mind the next time i need a sushi fix.

i bought a book with tapas recipes off ebay, but to be honest, i haven't cracked the cover. i seem to lack the energy to do anything. i don't know if it's the heat because i have been trying to stay inside. i did go meet my mother and sister today for milkshakes at red robin. chocolate milkshakes and good company go well together.

i also was able to buy my son's birthday gift today. target had something i know he will love AND i had a $10 gift card in my wallet AND i got a free $10 gift card by purchasing it, so i can blow it on myself! he likes hunting, so i bought him the wii game "monster big buck hunter" which comes with a rifle to use. i got approval from the succubus that a toy gun was okay. a few months ago, i bought him the book "more dinner, drive-ins, and dives". i got him the first volume last year for his birthday. the covers are SO similar, i'm sure he will think i'm going crazy and giving him the same book twice.*

so i actually did something frugal today!

i have a ton of stuff for the yard sale. it's still on for saturday! i have about 2 carloads of stuff to sell. i don't plan on bringing it back home. we are only doing it from 7 a.m.-noon.  that way we will get the earlybirds and the stragglers.

here's hoping i make a lot of money!

* when he was younger, his great-aunt gave his the same thing for 10 years in a row- a puzzle of a map of the united states where each state was a piece of the puzzle. when he was small, i used to threaten to simply start giving him the same thing for every birthday.

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