Tuesday, June 15, 2010

hello, is anybody out there? and a give-away!

i hope someone is actually reading this. i only have 4 followers. i need more followers. i want more people to read me. i feel lonely and abandoned.

so i have a contest.

i am going to try to get 100 followers by the end of june. 15 days. if i get to 100 followers, i will give away a $25 amazon gift code. i was not given this code. i earned it in an on-line game. and i am passing it to one of you!

and we all know amazon.com has the stuff, baby! it's the next best thing to target!

pass the word. let's hit 100 by june 30!


you get one entry for following me. leave me a note in the comments.

then you can earn an additional entry per POST, and sometimes i post a couple of times if i feel like it. just leave me a comment and you will get an entry.

i may be adding facebook and twitter links for entry. i may not. i make no promises!

if i get more than 101 followers by june 30, i will add something else to the gift code, something nice. i just don't know what it is yet! so if everybody gets all their friends to follow me, someone might end up with a nice stash of goodies!


  1. Hey, I'm one of your 4 followers. Some suggestions to get more followers:
    Participate in memes that have McLinky or MrLinky sign-ups.
    Join http://www.tribalblogs.com/.

  2. i didn't make 100 but i'm still plugging away!


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