Wednesday, June 16, 2010

it's not about the money...i guess

my friend layla and i had a yard sale this week-end. i made $80, she made $79 i owe her $19 for some items she had that i couldn't live without. so i have a huge gilded mirror, old platform rocker and nice bookcase. i also got an old tin box, a fake white orchid, a mr. coffee to make tea in and several books. 

i got rid of my williams-sonoma dinettte set. for $45. i sold it to a woman with 4 kids. they are eating off the floor. she came by first then sent her mother over, who went back to get the daughter and the money. i was sorry to see it go for cheap, but it went to someone who needs it.

i like driving into the garage and seeing space. i think somehow when i moved, somehow some boxes of stuff to be trashed got moved. i am going to spend a bit of time out there every day until it is cleaned up.  we are having another sale in the fall after it cools off. 

surfaces i need surfaces! kudos to the person who can tell me what series/movie that came from.

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