Monday, June 21, 2010

fails and fixes

blogger still won't let me post pictures. once this is feature is fixed, i plan on going back and adding some color to this place. i changed the colors last week when i changed the picture, but i did something and now there are so many ads on here it makes me head hurt to read.

i also have tried to make pancakes a few times. i am not a baker, whether an oven or stovetop is used. i am a cook, not a baker. i require a burner or flat cook surface to do my magic. i have a list of fails:

* turned one batch into one botch by adding 3/4 cup corn starch, when the recipe called for 1/2 teaspoon. tasted like sweet concrete. i looked at the wrong recipe. lesson learned: collect and measure ingredients beforehand. fix: mis en place and a double check would correct this problem.

* make a perfect batch that turned out to be crepe batter, which would have been good, but i thought it was pancake batter. i had dumped the whole thing (i made 1/4 recipe) in the pan at once, otherwise, i would have enjoyed a lovely plate of crepes (for some 5th grade reason, i keep typing in craps. fix: read ahead and know what you are making.

* tried to make chewy vanilla fudge but it was too crumbly and wouldn't hold together. fix: find a different recipe.

* tried once again to make vanilla fudge but made hard english toffee instead. i think i added too much corn syrup to the recipe. it lost all pretense of being chewy and became downright hard. fix: stop trying to make vanilla fudge. i don't need it. it is fattening, unhealthy, a waste of money, stupid and a wate of money and food ingredients.

plus it made my face breakout. my face hasn't broken out in a while except for the occasional eruption. i know have a big zit on each cheek, kind of like dimples. i hate zits. it was still edible but hard as a brick. i took some pieces and put them in a baggie with loose sugar. i am going to box up a few pieces )i have some mini cupcake liners and a godiva box i can use) and include it in a package to my friend kat.

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