Friday, June 4, 2010

dilemma solved

a few years ago, i had a garage sale with a friend. i made close to $100 by selling things i  didn't need, use, want or miss after i sold it. i had crap. she had a few big ticket items so she made about $600, which she used to redecorate her living  room. i will have to get pictures and post them.

she is having another garage sale week-end after next. soi  have 10 days to clear out the garage and get things organized to haul to her house. i have a pt cruiser,  so it's really easy to remove the seats and fill up the back. i can do it.

the bad thing is that she has 3 bookcases i really like. she needs them for the sale, but i am buying them from her right after the sale. for $10 each! i plan to use them in the garage to organize what i want to keep so they will be visible and handy. the worth thing ever is to KNOW you have something that you need and can't find it,so you buy it twice. i think they will just slide into the back of my car for the trip back to my house.

so i am starting off my garage sale $30 in the hole.

i'm not going to price anything. i will do like we did before. people pick out all they want and i give them one price for it all. i don't need it anyway, don't want to haul it home and maybe i will make someone happy when they find the item of their dreams for a mere pittance. it will be nice to have a clean garage again. i have a large garage so i am still parking my car in there. once it's cleared, i'm going to arrange the things i keep and make a "rec room" out there. i will have space to do crafts and not have to put everything up until i am finished with the project.

since my  husband is not working at the moment, he will in all likelyhood be going to visit his elderly aunt for a few weeks. she lives in middle tennessee in the area affected by the floods. she didn't get any flood damage but her property is trashed. my son will be driving him up there next week-end so he can visit too and i will pick my husband up once the work is completed. we haven't been very nice to each other lately, maybe absence will make the heart grow stronger.

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