Thursday, April 29, 2010

trail of tears

this bullshit is straight from some one of my husband's a$$hole friends hurt my feelings, down to the quick. it went on for about 6 weeks then it stopped. but i'm stilling hurting inside by the reason he would have perpetuated this particular brand of crap.

the thing is, he never apologized for it. he stopped doing it but he never told me he was sorry. he even makes jokes about it.

now he claims he doesn't remember it, even though he is the one who brought the subject up.

and i am done. with him.

i have defended him to everybody, so he has used my natural tendencies to make me look like a fool.

when i am done with someone, I AM DONE with them. i don't delete tham from my phone, but i will edit their name  display and make it something ugly yet true and descriptve. i will turn their ringers to silent. after all, i don't care if they call. why should i be bothered by them? i will call them at my leisure.

today i had to set someone's ringer to "SILENT" so i won't be bothered by him. we had a bad argument last night, because of what he did. he doesn't feel like he owes me an apology, so i'm not getting one. i feel i deserve one and i decided after crying a few hours that i really shouldn't care about it at all. if's it's that much trouble to try to be friendly to someone only for him to hurt me that way, his friendship is not worth it. i refuse to take left-overs.

if the phone's not ringing, it MIGHT be him calling.

i will never call him again. ever. for any reason. he can rot in a hell of his own making before i will ever contact him again.

i am DONE. there will be no NICE lee anymore.

he changed my eyes from soft light blue to cold cobalt steel.

i don't want to talk to him. i don't want to see him. i don't want to hear his name.

he has proven how weak he is,.

i am DONE! i can be your best friend or your woprst enemy.

guess which side he is one?

i will be forced to see him for very short periods of time, every once in a blue moon. but i will just ignore him. i will pretend he is the pink elephant no one looks at. i will be present only a short time.

stick a fork in me, i am done!

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